Request a Workshop:

Workshops are available to bring to your location: Perfect for Corporate Team Building, Block Clubs, School Clubs, Community Gardens, Scouts & Garden Clubs.
Two 1/2 Day Workshops 11am-3pm –  includes:
  • Two 55 Gallon Rain barrels, fixtures, tools and materials:
  • Instruction on assembly, prep and painting, and clear coating the 2nd Day.

Average Cost: $1200

Custom Painted 55 Gallon Rain Barrel Orders:

Work with the full creativity of Zolten Wood Design to create a unique piece of functional art: Any idea from classical, whimsical and personal will be worked into your barrel.

Average Cost: $500: 1/2 deposit is required once you make contact and agree on a subject for your design: Remaining 1/2 will be required at Local Delivery or Pickup; or prior to shipping.

Average Time: A painted barrel will take approximately 4 weeks to complete once the design is approved to begin.
Delivery or Pickup:
  • Greater Cleveland Shipping is possible with a shipping and handling fee – please contact collinwood@paintedrainbarrel.org for more information.
  • Delivery within the Greater Cleveland Area will be at no charge within one hour drive of downtown Cleveland.
  • Delivery outside of these boundaries will reflect a sliding scale from $100 + up, depending on location.
  • Delivery to Continental U.S .is possible and will depend on distance.

Average shipping for 15 gallon barrel to California is $100. (55 gallon size will be more).

Recommended Diverter Kit :

Mini Barrels:

15 Gallon Mini Barrels are available for extra water collection on decks, porches or gazebos. Fully functional and diverter kit ready, they are beautiful and practical way to avoid hauling water to gardens in a large yard.
Average Design & Painting Cost: $300

Vinyl Wrapped Rain Barrels:

(recommended for designs that include Corporate logos or photos ) 

If your design includes Corporate Logos or Photo sources, consider Vinyl Wrapping your barrel; Call Joe at ImageMart Inc., 216 486-7518 or e-mail: artwork@myimagemart.com to begin the design process.
Average Cost: $350

How to Place an Order?

Contact us – it is that easy!